My identity could not be verified because I did not enter my full legal name or correct birth date. How can I fix this?

Your name or birth date did not exactly match what is printed on your ID. Please use the Resubmit ID button on to submit a new image of your ID and re-enter your name and birth date. You should enter your full legal name, exactly as it is written on your ID. Please include your first and middle names/initials in the "Given Names" field, and enter your surname (also known as your family name or last name) in the "Surnames" field. If you do not have a surname, you may check the "I do not have a surname" box.

Please note that if you need to add the transliterated (English) name in separate text fields, the translation of your name in English must match your full legal name.

Do not enter any nicknames. Do not use commas in your name. If your name on your ID contains a hyphen, please include the hyphen.

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