What does it mean if a test on my dashboard has a status of Uncertified?

A status of Uncertified means a test taker has used all their attempts on a credit without receiving a certified result. Tests can be uncertified for the following reasons:

  • Broken rules
  • Technical issues
  • Quitting the test before it's completed and uploaded
  • Malicious rule-breaking behavior
  • Decertified results

Test takers receive notification emails about the statuses of their tests. If they log into the Duolingo English Test site, they are given specific details about why their tests were invalidated (uncertified). In some cases, test takers may appeal uncertified results.

 If a test session is uncertified for malicious rule-breaking behavior, the test taker may be banned from further testing. Otherwise, the test taker may be allowed to re-test. They could purchase their own test, or they could be sent a different coupon code to redeem a new test credit.

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