2023 ApplyBoard Program for Agents

ApplyBoard is launching a pilot program with Duolingo to distribute test coupons to their sub-agents through ApplyShop. ApplyBoard will only sell Duolingo English Test vouchers to eligible sub-agents. 


What is ApplyShop, and what services does it currently offer?

ApplyShop is a platform created by ApplyBoard for its sub-agents. It aims to aggregate various study abroad services. 


Are there any other important terms for the initial program?

Vouchers purchased by ApplyBoard are non-refundable unless Duolingo becomes unable to fulfill the service in line with the Terms of Service. The resale price of DET vouchers to sub-agents will be agreed upon in writing. Sub-agents are only permitted to distribute test vouchers to the students they work with and are not allowed to re-sell vouchers to other businesses.


What are the eligibility criteria for sub-agents during the pilot?

For the pilot, ApplyBoard will only sell test vouchers to approximately 200 sub-agents who meet specific criteria. These criteria include successfully sending 300+ students abroad in the past 12 months, having at least 50 staff members, and maintaining a 1+ year history on ApplyBoard without any misconduct.

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