My test was canceled because it lost access to my camera or microphone. What happened?

The desktop app needs full access to your camera and microphone so your test can be properly scored and reviewed. If the app loses access to either your camera or microphone, your test will be cancelled and you will need to retake it from the beginning. This will also use up one of the attempts on your test credit.

The app may lose access to your camera or microphone due to internet connection issues or interference from another program running on your computer. To help prevent this from following again, follow these steps:

  • Use a wired internet connection instead of a Wi-Fi connection. Do not use a mobile hotspot, because this connection may not be stable.
  • Close all other programs, applications, windows, browser tabs, and pop-up notifications on your computer.
  • Ask anyone else using your same internet network to disconnect while you are taking the test, and disconnect all other devices connected to your internet network.
  • Try to take the test late at night or early in the morning, during off-peak network times.
  • If you are in China and using a VPN, try re-downloading the desktop app from instead of


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