How can I appeal my results?

You may appeal your test result in two situations.

1. You receive an email with the subject "Your test could not be certified" that says:

"Unfortunately your test could not be certified for the following reasons: The reasons will be listed here. You have attempted too many tests. Log in to submit an appeal or pay to take the test again."

2. You receive an email with the subject "Your Duolingo English Test account has been blocked" that says:

"Your Duolingo English Test account (your email address) has been suspended due to the following reason: The reason will be listed here. You won't be able to take any tests again, but you can log in to view previous results or to appeal this result."

If you receive either of these emails, log in to, and scroll down to the "Your tests" section, you will see "Test invalid" next to the date you took the test. The reason your test is invalid will be listed. Beneath this will be an orange button that says "Appeal This Result." Click this button to fill out our appeals form. Your email address will already be populated in the form, so you just need to describe your reason for appealing the result.

Once you submit your appeal, the "Appeal This Result" button will turn gray and change to "Appeal Submitted." An appeals specialist will review your test session and send a decision to the email address you used to take the test within 4 business days.

Please note you may only appeal an invalid result once. All decisions made by appeals specialists are final.

If you do not receive either of the emails listed above or do not see the "Appeal This Result" button on your Duolingo English Test home page, you are not eligible to submit an appeal. If your results could not be certified because of a technical issue, you are not eligible to submit an appeal and will need to take the test again. Also, you may not appeal a valid result.

Please see our Terms and Conditions of Service for more information.

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