Why was my ID rejected?

Your ID photo may have been rejected for a number of reasons. Please make sure that your ID is on our list of accepted IDs and that you took a photograph of the original ID, not a photograph of a photocopy or another photograph of an ID (no phone screenshots permitted). In addition, please make sure that the photo of your ID is clear and legible without any information cropped.

Please note that we also require that you use your FULL legal name exactly as it written on your ID. If your name is legally Joseph Edward Smith, you must type out: "Joseph Edward" as your given name, and "Smith" as your surname. Do not use nicknames. Please always use your full legal name, just as you would in an application to a university.

Given names will include your first and middle name(s) (exactly as they are on your passport. Your surname is a family name or last name.

Do not use commas in your name. If your name on your ID contains a hyphen, use the hyphen.

If you do not have a surname, simply use the spacebar to add two spaces.

Here are some examples of different ID photos that would and would not be accepted:


Good ID

Bad: The ID is blurry


Bad: The name is cropped

Bad: The photo is cropped


Bad: Zoomed in too much

Bad: Photocopy of an ID

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