Summer 2019 Updates to the Duolingo English Test

Why is the test changing?

In order to further Duolingo’s mission of lowering barriers to education, the Duolingo English Test endeavors to be the most reliable, insightful, and accessible tool for the institutions, counselors, and students that rely on it. We are committed to leveraging the latest research and technology to regularly update and improve the Duolingo English Test—and as one of the world’s foremost EdTech companies—we are able to implement these updates at a pace much faster than other testing companies. Based on the invaluable feedback from the research community, institutions, counselors, and students over the last admissions cycle, we are excited to share new test updates for summer 2019. 

What’s new?

  • To better assess students’ speaking and writing ability, long-form speaking and writing questions will now be graded as part of the overall score. Learn more.

  • The video interview and writing sample will be more insightful for admissions offices and more convenient for students. Learn more.

  • There is a new design that improves the student and institution experience. Learn more.

  • To account for additional scored test items and new scoring methodology, the test scale will now be out of 160 points. Learn more.
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