Test Update: More insightful video interview and writing sample

We are making video interviews and writing samples more efficient and insightful. Students will be given one prompt for each and must speak or write about those topics. The prompts are designed to elicit structured responses that are informative, explanatory, or argumentative.

These questions provide more insight about the student’s thought process and command of the English language. Example prompts include:

  • [Description, explanatory] Describe the geography of the country where you currently live. How does the geography of the country affect its people and its culture? 
  • [Description, informative] Choose a plant or animal that you think is interesting. Describe some of the threats or challenges it faces and explain how it overcomes those threats or challenges. 
  • [Opinion, argumentative] Studying a foreign language is required in some schools. Overall, do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing? Explain your opinion. 


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