Can I have a PDF version of my certificate?

You may send your certificate to an institution through by clicking “MY TESTS”, then clicking "SHARE SCORE" next to your result. This is the official way to share your results with an institution.

If the institution you’d like to send your certificate to is not listed, please reach out to the institution and ask them to set up an easy-to-use account at

If you would just like a copy of your certificate for your records, open your certificate from the "My Tests" section, click "PRINT RESULTS," and save your certificate as a PDF.

Please also make sure your public shareable certificate link is created before you share your PDF. To do this, click "GET SHAREABLE LINK" next to the print button on your certificate page. If you do not create a shareable link, the institution that receives your test result will not be able to validate the authenticity of your test certificate.

Duolingo will not send scores or certificates to institutions via email. Duolingo uses a secure dashboard for your protection.

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