Boost your career: Add your Duolingo English Test certificate to your LinkedIn or CV/Resume

Did you know that demonstrating your English proficiency can help you get a better job or increase your pay?

Research shows that English proficiency is linked to significant increases in wages and employment. 

The Duolingo English Test is a convenient, fast, and affordable way to get an accurate, certified English proficiency score that can be easily added to your LinkedIn or CV!

Add your Duolingo English Test certificate to your LinkedIn profile

1. Open your certificate from the "My Results" section of the Duolingo English Test website and click ADD TO LINKEDIN.

2. Click MAKE PUBLIC to ensure your certificate link is publicly viewable.


4. Log in to the LinkedIn site.

5. A pop-up window with your pre-filled information will display.

6. Click SAVE.

Add your Duolingo English Test results to your CV/resume

  1. Create a section on your CV titled “Language skills”

  2. Include your native language, your English proficiency, and your Duolingo English Test score certificate link. See examples below.

You can learn more about Duolingo English Test results at Ready to showcase your English proficiency and boost your career? Take 1 hour and certify your English. 


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