I received an email that my test was decertified. What does that mean?

The security and integrity of the Duolingo English Test is our highest priority. On very rare occasions, we detect additional information after a test was certified and shared with an institution that triggers another round of security checks.

If you received an email that your test was decertified, it means we ran additional security checks on your test and found evidence that there was a violation of our test rules. This result, and any prior valid results you have received, have been invalidated.

In line with the terms of service that you agreed to prior to completing the test, we have notified the institutions to which you’ve sent your results. You no longer have access to any of your certificates or scores, and you are not eligible for a refund. You will not be able to take the test again.

We are committed to ensuring the Duolingo English Test is secure and fair for all students, and we use all available information and technology to make certification decisions. It’s very rare that we reverse certification decisions, but sometimes we must in order to protect the integrity of the test. If you would like to appeal this decision, refer to our FAQ on how to appeal.

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