Coupon Dashboard Basics: Coupon & Test Statuses

On your Coupon Dashboard you will see different statuses for your test coupons in both of the dashboard columns listed below:

  • Coupon Status
  • Test Status

This article will provide a legend for all of the different statuses that you will see on your dashboard.

Available Coupon is unassigned, unused, and ready to be sent to a new test taker using the "Assign" button.
Available 99/100

For available coupons that have multiple uses remaining, the status will be followed by two digits. The first will be remaining available uses followed after the forward slash by total uses on this coupon.

Sent Coupon has been assigned to the email address in the assignee email column, the coupon has not yet been redeemed to a Duolingo English Test account.
Redeemed Coupon has been applied to the test taker's account and are now able to begin their full Duolingo English Test, paid for by your institution.
Expired A coupon has passed the expiration date and is no longer assignable or usable by any test takers. Expired coupon codes cannot be extended.
Coupon Status:


"-" A blank test status indicates that the coupon has not yet been applied to any test taker account. No test status can be located without the coupon being applied first.
Not Started The test taker has redeemed the coupon successfully to their account, but have not yet started their full Duolingo English Test.
In Progress The test taker has redeemed the coupon successfully and has begun their Duolingo English Test. Test result will be available two days after the test session is uploaded.
Uncertified The test taker has successfully uploaded their Duolingo English Test.  Our proctoring team was unable to certify the test session due to the test rules not being followed.  The uncertified test result information and next steps will be available to the test taker on their homepage.
Certified The test taker successfully uploaded their Duolingo English Test and the proctoring team has released a valid test result to your institutional dashboard on the Results tab.  If your institution uses an external Student Management System these results will also be automatically exported.  Timing will depend on your import implementation.
Test Status:


Coupon purchases expire 1 year from the date of purchase. This expiration date is fixed and can not be adjusted.

In addition, when a test taker adds a coupon credit to their account they will have 21 days to take the test before it expires.

If the test taker does not begin any test sessions, this coupon credit will automatically become available to be used by another test taker nine days after it expires (which is 30 days total after it was first applied to a test account).

If the test taker does begin a test, even if they do not complete the test, then that coupon is not eligible for this automated redemption and so it cannot be used in the future by a different test taker.

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