How many chances do I get to take the Duolingo English Test when I purchase it?

Test credit policy

  • When you purchase a single Duolingo English Test, you receive one credit. If you purchase a test bundle, you receive two credits. A credit enables you to take the Duolingo English Test.

  • You may receive one Certified Result per credit. Please note that purchasing the test does not guarantee a Certified Result.

  • You have three attempts to use the credit to complete and upload the test. Any time you begin the test, it counts as an attempt.

  • Example: A test taker purchases a single test, receiving one credit. The test taker starts the test twice, but both times their internet connection fails, ending the test. This counts as the first two attempts. The test taker has one more attempt to complete and upload the test on that credit.

Technical error

  • If you encounter a technical error that prevents your test from being uploaded or certified, you may retake the test at no additional cost if you still have attempts remaining on the credit.

ID problem

  • If there is a problem with the ID you submitted, you will need to resubmit a valid ID to receive your result. You will not need to take the full test again.

Broken rules

  • If your result is invalid due to a broken test rule, and you do not receive an email saying your account is blocked, you may retake the test.

  • Certain broken rules allow you to test again at no additional cost if you still have attempts remaining on the credit. 

  • If you have two tests with these sorts of broken rules on the same credit, the credit expires, even if you have only used two attempts. You may purchase a new credit to test again. You are not eligible to appeal your results in these cases since you have already had at least two chances to take the test. 

  • More serious broken rules will immediately cause your credit to expire, even if you have attempts remaining. In this case, you may purchase a new credit to test again. You may also appeal your result.

Blocked account

  • The most serious broken rules, such as having an impersonator take the test for you, will result in your account being blocked for a certain period of time or permanently. If your account is blocked, the credit expires and you are no longer able to take the test, no matter how many attempts you have used. You may appeal your result in this case.
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