How do I disable startup applications on a Windows computer?

Microsoft allows a number of apps to automatically run at startup on Windows 11, along with other programs you may download such as gaming clients, predictive text software or VPN services.

While this can be helpful as soon as you log in to your computer, some apps may start minimized or run tasks in the background without you realizing it. This can impact your Duolingo English Test validation as no background programs or applications are permitted while taking your Duolingo English Test.

You can easily configure which apps to start when you log in — disabling all startup applications before you begin your Duolingo English Test.

Follow the steps below to optimize your system to take the Duolingo English Test.


On your Windows 10/11 PC, right-click the Start Menu icon on your taskbar and select Settings.


A menu will appear where you choose from common apps native to Windows.

On the left-hand sidebar, click on Apps.


Navigate to Startup at the bottom of the menu.


Turn off the toggle switch next to the apps you want to disable.


There you have it. The apps you have disabled will no longer automatically start up when you log in to your PC. You may now reboot your computer and begin your Duolingo English Test.

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