Test Rules and Requirements

Test Rules

 Must be alone in a quiet, well-lit room

 Ears must be visible and uncovered

 Face must be visible and unobscured

 No headphones or earphones

 No outside materials including mobile devices, notes, or textbooks

 No communication with anyone else

  No writing utensils or paper

Do not look away from the screen

 Do not leave the test window for any reason

  mceclip0.png   Do not use any predictive input method

 Do not use any third party web camera software

ic-monitor.svg Do not use a second monitor or any software that enables screen sharing or remote access

ic-thirty.svg Speak for at least 30 seconds on the topics presented during the graded speaking section

ic-identity.svg Do not use another person's name or ID information to take the test


Test Requirements

You must have

 Your passport, driver's license or government ID

. A quiet, well-lit room

 60 minutes of free time

 A reliable internet connection

 A computer


Your computer must have

 A front-facing camera

     A microphone



If you violate any of these rules, Duolingo reserves the right to invalidate your test results and take more severe measures as listed on this page.

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